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Max Gerspacher

Seattle, United States

Sous Chef at Bay Laurel Catering


"Success is the sum of a lot of small things correctly done" - Fernand Point I'm a Pacific Northwest Chef. "It is often said that we have no cuisine here because we feature the fresh ingredients over technique. When you ask us how to prepare salmon or geoduck we will reply add heat or not. Why smother your fish in sauce or aspic when you could eat it raw or roast it on a plank over an alder fire on the beach you landed it?" - Max --I have spent many years as a cuisinier, fifteen years as a chef in large kitchens and seven of those years in full service catering. Created dishes and menus, hired and trained staff, purchased food and equipment from multiple vendors Served intimate parties to groups of thousands. Oversee a grab and go commissary producing seven to ten-thousand items weekly.


Seattle, United States