Share your cooking skills. Build your brand. Make extra money.

Step 1

Create a chef profile.

Step 2

Add a payout method (PayPal, direct deposit, etc.) to receive donations.

Step 3

Click the Turn Chef mode button to go live and connect with foodies.

Step 4

A notification will alert you when a client needs assistance.

Step 5

Share your expertise.

Benefits for Chefs/Culinary Professionals

The expert advice at TalkToChef is free, but rewards and donations are highly recommended. Research finds 34% of users are willing to pay more than $0.5/minute for professional cooking consultation (this makes up to more than $30/hour).

Being among the first professionals to use the platform, you will have a first-mover advantage. Secure your spotlight and develop your reputation over time. There is nothing to lose - only extensive market share to gain.

This is a great opportunity to promote yourself (your blog, services, books) and make extra money.

How it works

Each professional chef is required to create a short user profile, similar to the ones on social networks (LinkedIn), providing information on his/her cooking styles, preferences, and experiences.

The user, who we refer to as the foodie or home cook, is seeking help with cooking by means of any e-device (smartphone, tablet, computer). The foodie/home cook will choose through the variety of cuisines and/or cooking methods. So, the more information you provide on your profile as a professional chef, the easier it will be for the foodies/home cooks to find you. Once there is a match, a push notification will appear on your device and alert you that a foodie/home cook requires your expertise. You can initiate a two-way video chat consultation session to share your experience. Treat foodies/home cooks as if you are standing by each other. This is where the true value lies

How to get paid

After the two-way video chat consultation, foodies award you points based on their impression from the session. These points are added to each chef’s reputation score. Chefs with the highest scores will appear in the Featured Chefs, becoming visible to all users.

Foodies can choose to tip their chefs for their services. Foodies will then be forwarded to your profile where they can learn more about your services, and subscribe to your feed.

We believe that your experience makes you the perfect cooking consultant for foodies looking to improve their cooking skills with your LIVE help.

We are happy to answer any of your questions. We hope you will join us in this exciting adventure.