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Start supporting your users via talktochef now!

Millions of passionate foodies are looking for culinary advice through cooking websites, like yours.

Why not to provide them with live professional Chef’s Advice?

TalkToChef button is a Unique 911 Video Hotline for Home Cooks all around the world.

By using it, you make professional culinary advice available to your visitors any time they need support.

How to Become Our Partner

Becoming an Affiliate Partner with TalkToChef couldn't be friendlier. It is absolutely free, fast, and easy!

No commitment! If you don’t like the service, you are free to cancel!

Just earn money when people “Talk To Chef” from your website. Simply sign up as an Affiliate Partner, and then place the TalkToChef widget on your cooking blog/website.


Here are the benefits you may bring to your blog/website by installing our widget:

  1. receive 10% of all donations made by your users simply for putting the TalkToChef widget on your page;
  2. improve your readers’ loyalty by providing them with a live help, so that they may get all their questions answered directly at your source;
  3. increase blog/website ranking on Google and other services;
  4. user-friendly service – the widget is used right from your source, with no need to leave the page, install the app, etc. (if used on web);
  5. Extra: If you are a food instructor or cooking liner, we have a second opportunity for you to be among our cooking consultants and get 80% of users’ donations.
How We Reward You

The use of TalkToChef service for foodies is donation-based. After an online chef’s consultation, your user gets an offer to reward the chef and make a donation. As an affiliate, you receive 10% of all donations made through your website.

Commission Policy:

TalkToChef Use Source Average Donations Volume Commission Rates*
Via $0.62 per minute $0.50 to a chef (80%) and $0.12 to us and payment solution
Via сooking blog/website $0.69 per minute $0.50 to a chef (80%), $0.12 to us and payment solution., and $0.07 will go to your blog
**EXTRA: DOUBLE OPPORTUNITY $0.69 per minute $0.57 will go to YOU

*All commissions are paid on a weekly basis.

**If you are a food instructor or cooking liner, besides being a blogger, and have passion and experience to share with our foodies, you have DOUBLE REWARD OPPORTUNITY to get 80% of donations as a cooking consultant, besides your 10% commission as a food blogger! In this case, besides signing up as an affiliate partner, you will have to register as a chef at our service as well.

Step by step instructions
  1. Sign Up on as an Affiliate.
  2. Go to the Widget Dashboard section on your Account Settings page, and add a domain name of the website you want to place the widget on.
  3. Install the TalkToChef widget on your website by following the instructions below.
  4. Start earning money!

Before you Sign Up for our service, you are welcome to visit our FAQ section at to obtain more information and details on our service use.

Installing the widget on your website

Simply put this line before the closing body tag:

<script src=""></script>


<script src=""></script>

See instructions for WordPress and Weebly.


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