What if I don’t like the chef who helps me?
You can finish the session any time you wish, rate the chef, not paying for her/his time.
How do I select the best chef for my money?
You can go through chef’s profile to choose the one you feel is the best match for you.
What if I really like a chef, how do I call her/him directly next time I need advice?
You can always see if this chef is currently available online or not, you can send her/him a message requesting a consultation.
I just have simple questions, why don’t you have the answers posted already?
If you have a question that can be easily found on google, you might not need a live chef’s help. We focus on questions that need live consultation on your specific issue, where you can even show what is exactly going wrong with a dish via a video chat.
Do I get benefits for referring friends?
Currently, we do not offer a referral program.
Can my friends join me on a call?
No, your friends will need to be in the same physical location with you.
Can I save the video to watch it again in case I forget what the chef has told me?
Currently, we do not have this option.
Can I make a chef’s poll and ask several chefs the same question to see which answer I like best?
You can connect with several chefs one by one, not at a time.
My app crashed in the middle of a session, what do I have to do?
You can log back in and make a call back to the chef who was speaking with you.
I want a chef with a strong background in nutrition; do you have any like that?
Our chefs indicate the diets they are familiar with in their portfolios; it means they have specific knowledge in these categories.


How can someone learn to cook via a webcam?
TalkToChef is a micro consulting platform for non-professional foodies seeking culinary guidance. This service helps to connect non-professional home cooks with expert chefs ready to help them with advice via a live video chat.
Is TalkToChef a professional cooking school?
TalkToChef is not a substitute for professional training for individuals seeking a career in the culinary industry. TalkToChef is a Chef 911 Hotline and not a professional cooking school.
Is it possible to teach cooking without engaging all the senses?
Becoming a professional chef takes years of experience and training. We engage our breadth of knowledge to enhance connections with our foodies in an online atmosphere. Personally tailored and real-time professional advice gives our foodies the confidence to try new things and learn from past mistakes. Cooking is an emotional experience that can be frustrating to beginners. Think of TalkToChef as a live cooking coach. We cheer on our foodies and help them push their limits.
How soon will I receive payments?
Payments are made on a weekly basis.
How do I track my salary and pay taxes on payments I receive from TalkToChef?
You can check the amount you earned in the My Tips section on the Account Settings page. TalkToChef is not responsible for taxes. You are required by law to indicate your earnings as an additional income when you file your tax report.
What if a user is unhappy with my instruction?
Please refer the user to the Hotline button where they will be asked to choose a different instructor.
What if my app crashes after a long session before I receive payment?
We allow call-backs to continue the conversation.
Can I save my sessions on TalkToChef for my portfolio?
While we currently do not have the capability to save sessions, we encourage users to write and share their experiences in their portfolios.
Can people see my personal information?
People can only see the information you have chosen to make public.
Can I pre-schedule appointments with my regular foodies?
We are currently developing this feature.
Can I target foodies in my geographical location?
We are currently developing this feature.
Can foodies search me by name if I refer them to TalkToChef?
Yes, foodies can enter your name in the chefs search field.
Do I get a commission for referring new TalkToChef foodies and chefs?
Currently, we do not offer commission for referrals.
Can I set my own prices?
We have plans to build this feature to ensure our chefs earn desirable rates. Configuration of suggested donation will be added as the service grows.
Do I have to be online to receive inquiries?
To receive the most inquiries we recommend either switching to Chefs mode in the application or working from a computer. It is currently necessary to indicate that you are online. We are developing the web app, so users will not need to open the page on their computers.
Will inquiries be e-mailed/texted to me?
Foodies can send inquiries to any expert chef via messages which will be emailed to you.
What are the time expectations for expert chefs?
There are no time expectations. We believe flexibility for both chefs and foodies is ideal.
What percentage of the user-fee do chefs take?
Currently, our chefs keep 80 percent of each tip users make to them. Incentives are available for superstar chefs, those who dedicate the most time helping our TalkToChef foodies. You can learn more and register for our webinar at www.talktochef.webinar.com
How does TalkToChef protect the time and services of each expert chef?
We monitor the system and provide chefs with the opportunity to rate foodies. If a chef rates a foodie three stars or below, they won't receive any questions from that foodie again. Users abusing the system will be suspended. Also we ask users to connect to Facebook as a way to ensure personal responsibility.
How can chefs manage repeat inquiries from the same user?
A text messaging option is available. Foodies can write to chefs and schedule the time to talk.
Is there an iPad version of the app?
Currently, there is no version for the iPad. You can download the iPhone app onto the iPad.
How long will it take to build a constant stream of customers?
Initially, our service should not be used as a substitute for a full-time job, but rather as a way to make extra cash. We are looking at different strategies to increase our customer base internationally.
I am not sure that I am qualified! I have not received any formal culinary training. My cooking is limited to Creole, French, and Italian.
You don't need to know everything. In your chef profile, you can select specific cuisines, methods, and diets that you excel in. You will only be asked questions from the preselected categories.
I am very interested, but I don't have a webpage or blog. How would interested foodies get in touch with me?
It is not necessary to have a webpage or a blog in order to get consultation requests. You simply need to sign up here, set your profile and connect to foodies on the website or the mobile app. Pending your approval, you will receive consultation requests.
How is the video chat set up? Is it through Skype or does TalkToChef have a program?
Video is set up on a TalkToChef platform (iPhone, iPad, Google Chrome, Firefox). There is no need for Skype.
How is payment set up?
Depending on your settings, payment is sent via PayPal or straight to your selected bank account.
How does your company get paid?
TalkToChef receives about 15% of each transaction. Approximately 5% goes to the payment system (Visa, PayPal, etc.). While there is no charge for foodies, they are encouraged to leave tips. Tips are calculated as US $0.60/minute. TalkToChef receives a percentage of the sum each user pays.
Where can I find more information on how TalkToChef works?
More information is available here.
Do you have any affiliate programs?
We have an affiliate program for those who will install the TalkToChef widget/button on their cooking websites/blogs. We share 5% to 10% of revenue with them. An example can be found here: http://hotlinebutton.herokuapp.com/.
How can I link my PayPal account to my profile?
Go to your profile and find Account settings. Locate Payout preferences (just below the cover picture of your profile) and select Add payout method. Select your country and choose the PayPal option.
I don't want to share my personal information with you until I am sure this company is legit. Is that ok?
If you don't feel comfortable to share your payment information now, you can postpone the process until you earn money.
Can former foodies post a review?
In order to prevent abuse of the review system, reviews can only be entered immediately after each session.
Where is TalkToChef located? Can I organize an in-person meeting?
We are located in San Francisco, CA. Our CEO is Daniil Brodovich. Please send a message to Daniil if you would like to arrange an in-person meeting.
Is your site secure?
We have teamed with partners focused on providing a secure environment that goes above and beyond industry security standards and guidelines. All payments and money transfers are facilitated through Stripe and PayPal, TalkToChef’s third-party payment processing services. We don't store any sensitive information about credit cards and bank accounts in our system. If you are uncomfortable with sharing your private information, feel free to postpone providing it until you feel secure.
How do I add pictures?
PC users can click on their name in upper right-hand corner and select Profile. There, users can click on the center circle of the cover picture. Users will be given the option to upload a new photo. Follow the same process for the cover photo. Currently, you can only upload one picture. We are working on further options.
How do you promote your expert chefs?
We feature top consultants and chefs who visit TalkToChef most frequently. We share chef profiles on social media and encourage our users to share their experiences online. We occasionally organize events, such as FoodMeetTech, where we invite our chefs and bloggers to participate. Here you can find pictures from our past event.
Can I work remotely using a computer?
You can use your computer if it has a video camera. For the best experience please use Google Chrome Internet Browser.
Can I use Android?
The Android app is under development and is expected to be released after February, 2015.
Do I get the full US $0.50/minute?
Yes, US $0.50/minute goes to a chef (the customer will be asked for an average tip around US $0.60/minute).
Can I charge more depending on my expertise?
You cannot charge more based on your expertise. We are looking into this expansion.


What is TalkToChef?
TalkToChef is a tip-based, micro-consulting platform bridging home cooks and professional chefs in order to provide quality advice whenever it’s needed in real time.
What is the TalkToChef widget?
The TalkToChef widget provides a quick access to the TalkToChef communication platform. It allows users to access qualified advice from professional chefs in real-time, via a video chat.
How it works with food bloggers?
You’ve got an exciting blog with many readers who want to discover new meals and learn something new; however, not all of them succeed in making the food as pictured. Lack of knowledge in technique or understanding of ingredients can leave home cooks feeling frustrated. TalkToChef widget will help to promote your web source by providing your users with live assistance in cooking the recipe they have found interesting. In case you have a blog/website attracting users who can also be interested in cooking assistance at home (ex. lifestyle or family blogs/websites, motherhood communities, etc.), TalkToChef may also be a good thing to add to your source.
What are the benefits for me as a blogger/website?
There are a number of benefits for you as a blogger/website:
  • provide additional support to your readers
  • engage users and increase their time spent on your website
  • be the part of a growing community of food enthusiasts
  • get extra income – 10% of the donations get passed on to you, just for participating!
  • get even more income - 90% of the donations, by using our double opportunity feature, and acting both as a food blogger/website and culinary consultant
What is your reward system?
We offer 10% of the donations users pay for the chefs’ consultations as a reward to you for the support.
How many chefs are there behind TalkToChef?
We already have over 1000 chefs who are excited about sharing their experience and helping people to cook great meals at home, and we work hard to grow our community further.
How is the TalkToChef widget activated?
Sign up on our website. Then go to the Widget Dashboard section on your Account settings page, and add a domain name of the website you want to place the widget on.
How do I install the TalkToChef widget?
To install the TalkToChef widget on your website, see instructions here.
Where exactly will the widget be located on the website?
TalkToChef widget will be located on the left side of the webpage, as shown on the picture. More options to come.
How do I get paid?
You need to set up a preferred payout method in your Account settings on our website. When the payment is received in the system, we'll transfer money to your PayPal or Bank account on a weekly basis.
How can you identify that users came from my website?
You can check the number of times the widget was opened, the number of questions were asked and the amount you earned in the Widget Dashboard section on the Account settings page
How can I remove the widget if I decide to stop using it?
You can simply remove the script from the code (see instructions here) if you feel it doesn’t meet your expectations. However, we ask you for a little patience to make it popular among foodies and reach the sustainable growth.