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Marty Embry

Flint, United States

Executive Chef at From the Court to the Kitchen


Hello, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a self taught chef. That means that I don't play by the conventional rules. I am one of those out of the box thinkers that enjoy playing with different types of food. I am strongest in southern cuisine, but because of my professional basketball history in Europe, I learned how to prepare authentic French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese dishes. I also do a fusion of the different cuisines as well. I am the author of nine cookbooks and looking forward to my 10th book in the very near future. I've also owned restaurants and worked as a caterer and personal chef as well, which I thoroughly enjoy. And finally, I absolutely love creating different cakes and pies. I often ask folks to just give me a flavor and I'll make a cake to match it. It could be candy flavored, your favorite alcohol, your favorite fruit and so on. I haven't been stumped yet! Anyway, that's a little about myself. Oh, I also have 10 novels to go along with the cook books, am an avid artist and have my own line of spices. Yep, my own recipes were used to create my line of spices. Why? Well, I honestly grew tired of having to use 12 different spices just to get the one flavor that I was looking for. Come on...ask away! Just be warned though! I love what I do and having fun is infectious!


Flint, United States