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Chef Johnna Gale

Phoenix, United States

CEO/Executive Chef at Kitchen Shaman LLC


I run a website and food blog, www.kitchenshaman.com, where you can find recipes, information about food history and knowledge, and insights gleaned from working in the culinary industry for over 20 years. My love of food inspired me to share what I've learned, which led to the creation of the blog. I started cooking at age five at my grandmother's side. In early adulthood I worked in a variety of kitchens around Phoenix, Arizona. After college, I decided to return to my roots and enter the professional culinary world. Since my return I have run two small restaurants in Tucson, AZ, and worked in a variety of kitchens in the Southwest and Midwest. I've worked in country clubs and high end resorts, one of them being a Waldorf Astoria property. I worked for the Garces Group, owned by Iron Chef Jose Garces, at Distrito, in Scottsdale, Arizona. While I list a few specialities, I have a broad base of culinary experience to share. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of technique, methods, equipment, palate, and plating through this forum. And my love of teaching you how to work through your culinary dilemmas.


Phoenix, United States