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Kimberly Brock Brown

Charleston, United States


Chef Kimberly was born Chicago and raised in Maywood, IL. As a Chef’s Apprentice Graduate in 1984, Chef Kimberly’s culinary journey has taken her to work in kitchens in Dallas, TX; Hilton Head Island, SC; Atlanta, GA; Asheville, NC; and Charleston, SC. Also being the featured Pastry Chef in February 1998 at the James Beard House in New York City. In 2001, Chef Kimberly started a wholesale specialty foods distributing company. In 2009, Chef Kimberly wanted to get back to basic with her culinary expertise and started Culinary Concepts, LLC for catering, demonstrations and other services. Through the American Culinary Federation, Chef Kimberly has earned the following certifications: CEPC- Certified Executive Pastry Chef; CCA-Certified Culinary Administrator; ACE- Approved Culinary Examiner. Chef Kimberly is also a member of the AAC: American Academy of Chefs, the Honor Society of the ACF. With more than 900 Fellows, Chef Kimberly is currently the Academy’s only African-American Female Chef inducted in its 30+ year history, and is the only African-American Female Certified Executive Pastry Chef in South Carolina. Chef Kimberly was a Founding Member of the ACF-National Pastry and Baking Guild, a Dale Carnegie graduate, Greater Charleston Chef of the Year:1999, Greater Charleston Member of the Year: 2008, Winner of a Bronze Medal-;1990 and a Silver Medal- 1991; in The Gulf of Mexico Seafood Challenge. As a part of Team South Carolina in 2002, ’03, & ’04, Chef Kimberly was awarded the Bronze Medal at the Culinary Super-Challenge in Orlando, FL. As 1 of only 9 Approved Culinary Examiner’s in South Carolina, Chef Kimberly is empowered with the ability to educate, train, grade and proctor to students, cooks and chefs as they strive to learn their craft and become proficient chefs through written and practical cooking exams. Gaining world-wide judging experience of culinary students from the Bahamas to Belgrade has only reinforced her love of culinary arts. A regular guest chef on Charleston’s ABC TV “Low Country Live” program which showcases her cooking and baking & pastry skills to the viewing public, Chef Kimberly uses these 4-5 minutes to inform and educate on healthy cooking techniques and the latest trends. A new author of the book “Here I Am!” Chef Kimberly’s answer to the question “Where are all the Female and Minority Chefs?” writes about her entry into the culinary world and the path that got her to the executive level that she has enjoyed over the years along with a few of her favorite recipes. In her off-time from running her own businesses and being a devoted mother to her children, Chef Kimberly has been a Culinary Arts adjunct teacher for Johnson & Wales University and Trident Technical College and became a Certified Competent Communicator in Toastmaster’s International. In recognition of her dedication to her craft, the joy of teaching and helping others and love of cooking, Chef Kimberly was awarded a Lifetime Professional Membership in the ACF in 2007.


Charleston, United States