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Jason C Schofield

Orlando, FL, United States

Proprietor/Chef at Schofield Restaurant Group LLC


Chef Jason Schofield is a nationally-known restaurant consultant with nearly two decades of experience in high-end hospitality operations and restaurant management. As owner of Schofield Restaurant Group, Chef Schofield oversees all of the company’s consulting and talent placement services, working directly with clients to ensure their success in the restaurant business. A self-taught chef, Schofield became interested in a culinary life at a very early age, when dining out with his father became one of his fondest childhood memories. He quickly became adept at crafting elaborate meals for his family, cooking his first complete Thanksgiving dinner at 14 years of age. Upon leaving home, Schofield immersed himself in the industry, working at Café Firenze, Rattlefish Raw Bar & Grill and Caprese Bistro before joining the Sportservice division of the Delaware North Company, where he experienced commercial foodservice on a grand scale, supervising all concessions and catering at the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Returning to Florida full-time in 2011, Schofield joined the Hennessey & Coyle restaurant group as executive chef, overseeing Orlando’s White Wolf Café and establishing Wolfie’s PizzaMia, where he pioneered an ambitious program of handmade pastas, fresh-baked breads and house-made charcuterie. Culinary curiosity and passion for all cuisines are the ingredients that drive Jason Schofield's approach to cooking. His travel and work in Turkey and apprenticeships and experience in classic Italian cuisine makes him an ideal match for any situation. As a self-taught chef, Jason has made it his commitment to never stop learning about cooking and all aspects of the food industry. He's also the 'Chef techy', familiar with all restaurant software and costing programs, and, like any catering chef worth their salt, he is very organized. Jason's career in restaurant settings varies from fine dining bistros and trattorias to large scale production supervising all concessions at the Delaware North Company (DNC) New Meadowlands Stadium. Also with DNC, he worked in the capacity of Club Supervisor and Channel Side Club Chef in Tampa, Florida. Jason's dream is to on day return to Florida to buy and farm and integrated restaurant.


Orlando, FL, United States