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Grass Valley, United States

Executive Chef at Sergio's Caffe


Francesco Gazzana was born into an aristocratic family in northern Italy. As a child, he developed a passion for good food and, by the age of 12, had taken charge of the family kitchen, cooking daily meals for his parents and three sisters. The Gazzana family made frequent trips throughout Italy, during which Francesco became acquainted with the fascinating different local cuisines. In early 80's Francesco studied biology and medicine at the University of Milan and began working in the insurance industry. However, he soon realized that his true passion was cooking and began professional culinary training. Beginning in 1996, he spent several years as a Chef in North America before moving to Brazil, where he served as a gastronomic consultant in the restaurant industry. He also taught Italian regional cuisine at the São Paolo Culinary College. Then, returning to Italy, he spent several years as a Chef in Aosta, Naples and Sicily, followed by three years as Executive Chef at restaurants in Antwerp and London. In August 2004, Francesco returned to open Salute, a restaurant in northern California. In February 2010, Francesco begins working as Executive Chef at Buona Sera Ristorante in Minden, Nevada. He also began teaching regional Italian cooking, in both the restaurant, as well as in private homes, receiving rave reviews. His extensive travels have given him knowledge of a wide variety of cuisines and the ability to speak five languages! He is passionate about using the dining experience to express the unique qualities of each tradition. In his cooking classes, Francesco demonstrates the art of re-creating the atmosphere one would find in Italy, holding true to the Italian ideal of simplicity and harmony by using simple, fresh ingredients. “A meal should be shared in good company,” he says, “and there should be a balance of the food and wine, coming together in a symphony of flavor.”


Grass Valley, United States