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Arlie Doxtator

Oneida, WI, United States

Executive Chef / F&B Manager at Pine Hills Golf Course


Lonehla'kwas, “He is amazed” is what I am called in Oneida, Arlie Doxtator is my English name, my nation is “The land of the Standing Stone” and I am Turtle Clan. I have been in the Food and Beverage business for 29 years with 20 years as an Executive Chef. I am committed to help bring our cultural foods and healthy cooking techniques to the surrounding communities and to help promote a healthier lifestyle for the Oneida Nation. This path that was given to me by the Creator, has taken me on quite the fantastic and challenging journey. In the past 10 years I have done research on many of the indigenous foods of the Lotinuhsyu:ni – People of the Long House, and their importance to our existence in the future. I have worked with many staff members in our Cultural Center as well as others from the Five Nations. For the past year I have focused on learning my language, and have been accepted into a Mentorship program for the Oneida language. With my mentor and those in the language department, I am beginning a project of translating culinary terms into our language. Last year I was working with the Head Start program, cooking for kids. It’s so important to get these kids started at an early age, to teach them to appreciate the true flavors of our foods and to understand how they make us grow good and give us the right nutrition. I share with them the flavors and the language of our foods. My newest project is “Re-Matriating Original Peoples, Original Foods” where I will be connecting our people to our food and our original cooking techniques to help them learn how to prepare nutritious, well-balanced meals for their families. I’ve been taught by my Elders and our leaders that our Creator has given each of us a path and it’s our responsibility to follow that path, Shiak?washutlane' yukwa'kkwa (re-connecting with our foods), in a way that benefits our people, not just ourselves. My path is to bring traditional foods, health and knowledge to my people using traditional and contemporary techniques.


Oneida, WI, United States