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How it works for your visitors

Click the TalkToChef widget button.

Select a cuisine, cooking method, and diet.

Instantly connect with a culinary professional, and get their question answered.

Rate the chef, based on their experience, and make a donation.

Our affiliate program

  • Friendly

    Becoming an affiliate partner couldn't be friendlier. It's absolutely free and easy

  • No commitment

    If you don't like the service you are free to cancel

  • Earn money

    Earn money when people "Talk To Chef" from your website

Benefits to you

  • Receive 10% of all payments made by your users (users pay min $5 per call + tip)
  • Improve your readers' loyality by providing them with a live help
  • Increase blog/website ranking on Google and other services
  • User-friendly service – the widget is used right from your source, with no need to leave the page, install the app, etc. (if used on web)
  • If you are a food instructor or cooking liner, we have a second opportunity for you to be among our cooking consultants and get 80% of users’ donations.

How we reward you

The use of TalkToChef service for foodies is donation-based. After an online chef’s consultation, your user gets an offer to reward the chef and make a donation.

As an affiliate, you receive 10% of all donations made through your website.

TalkToChef Use Source Average Donations Volume Commission Rates*
Via TalkToChef.com $0.62 per minute $0.50 to a chef (80%) and $0.12 to us and payment solution
Via сooking blog/website $0.69 per minute $0.50 to a chef (80%), $0.12 to us and payment solution., and $0.07 will go to your blog
**EXTRA: DOUBLE OPPORTUNITY $0.69 per minute $0.57 will go to YOU

*All commissions are paid on a weekly basis.

**If you are a food instructor or cooking liner, besides being a blogger, and have passion and experience to share with our foodies, you have DOUBLE REWARD OPPORTUNITY to get 80% of donations as a cooking consultant, besides your 10% commission as a food blogger! In this case, besides signing up as an affiliate partner, you will have to register as a chef at our service as well.

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