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will greenwood

DC, United States


Factoids of interest view movie at www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlDgHsrxw00 • The Clintons requested I seek the position as one of three shortlisted to become the White House Chef of 8000 applicants. • I historically allowed to cook the 2 Head of State luncheons, during the NATO 50TH anniversary celebration which has traditionally been prepared only by the Whitehouse staff, all the while orchestrating 10k people with 3 meal periods a day for 3 days. • I cooked for Presidents Bush Sr.& Jr. many times and the Bush family called the Jefferson home for the campaigns and inaugurations. • I was honored to receive “Best Chef in America” American Academy of Restaurants Award in 1996 • Chef of the Year in 1994 from the National Restaurant Association. • Other awards and factoids upon request.


DC, United States