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Wes Tyler

Houston TX, United States

Executive Sous Chef at The Clubs at Carlton Woods


Coming from a farming family, Chef Wes has used his childhood roots to bring a colorful taste to the culinary world. With backgrounds in many cuisines, he composes a unique composition and pushes the boundaries of modern culinary arts as we know today. Innovative and dedicated Chef Wes is determined to provide outstanding food and atmosphere. Chef originates out of the Bluegrass State of Kentucky where he graduated from Sullivan Universities Culinary Arts Program. His culinary journey brought him to Texas where he has landed here in efforts to provide great food and good times for all. He has background experience in a vast array of world cuisines including French, Asian, Cajun/Creole, Southern, Italian, and Spanish. Using all of his experiences from different styles and cultures, he has molded himself and created an impressive fusion style based on everything he has learned over his career. Chef Wes continues to push the culinary precincts and provide customers with a true Spanish epicurean experience. With over 10 years in the industry, it is not only an opportunity, but a pleasure to join and indulge with Chef Wes Tyler on his culinary journey!


Houston TX, United States