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Valeria Castelli WildKitchen

PalmadeMallorca, Spain


<< De toutes les passions, la seule vraiment respectable me parait être la gourmandise. >> Guy de Maupassant Hi everybody! I'm an Italian female chef and food passionate. I work on a free-lance basis, basically on yachts. I haven't been to school, but fell directly in the kitchen after university. From then I worked in many structures and recollect many informations and 'hands-on-job'. If you have a very technical question, I'm not the right person. But if you want to know how to make it work with many italian tips, this is the right address! I have my experience and a complete bibliotheque to answer your questions. And to teach you how is it possible to have some fun in it! Market adventures. New pairings with easy ingredients. Clean your fridge mission. Be wild


PalmadeMallorca, Spain