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Trina Marsala

Phoenix, United States

Owner/ Chef at Sublime Chef Personal Chef services


My name is Trina Marsala, my company is Sublime Chef Personal Chef services, I am currently a personal chef, plus I do in home cooking lessons as well as personal shopping and kitchen and menu strategizing and organizing.I feel people should master their own kitchen and embrace it, not dread having to cook or wonder where to go out to eat tonite. I have had great experiences with many types of diets such as gluten free, salt free,vegetarian and strict vegan, paleo with great client satisfaction. I can also make a wide variety of traditional favorites. As a Personal Chef- I come to you and help you along the way as well with shopping and cooking tips and tricks I can even leave pre-prepped dinner items you can literally throw together! I can guarantee that I can save you money on your monthly food bill and you'll be amazed at what new and fun dishes your whole family will be eating. To give the client best experience with Cooking Lessons, I have an extensive collection of recipes, any of which can be enhanced, reconstructed or intermingled according to your tastes. You tell me what You would like to learn how to make. It's really that easy. We get the ingredients and I teach you hands on how to recreate a dish, not just cook it. I am attune to many different and trending diet styles, and really thrive on the input and critiques of my clients.


Phoenix, United States