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Travis Rutherford

Los Angeles, United States

Sous Chef at The Eveleigh


Travis Rutherford is a young Chef, relatively speaking. He started cooking professionally at the tender age of twenty-four, although his mother will attest to the fact that he has been in the kitchen playing with knives and fire, generally making a mess, nearly all his life. After years of playing busboy, dishwasher, and cook in a chain restaurant that his mother managed in Manila, he decided to be a cardiologist; then a musician; then actor; and after that, to make video games. After trying, and failing, to attend colleges (business, and later I.T.) he moved from the Philippines to Northern California where he enlisted in the United States Air Force. Moving back to California following his term of service, he returned to one of the things he loved doing the most: cooking. Since enrolling in the California School of Culinary Arts (Le Cordon Bleu Los Angeles), he has come to work for names like Laurent Quienoux, Doug Weston, the Hatfields, Quinn and Karen, and recently, Jordan Kahn. Travis' dream is to one day bring Filipino food into the culinary spotlight. He now resides in Los Angeles, with his girlfriend/cohort, Deborah and her two cats/munkeys, Lily and Ozzy.–


Los Angeles, United States