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Tina Marie Greene

Michigan, United States

Executive Chef/Owner at Kissing Rock Kitchens


Chef Tina Marie is passionate about creating wonderful and memorable food experiences for everyone, whether this be through teaching cooking classes, Team Building classes, serving as a Personal Chef, or helping a client develop their own menu or cooking class. She brings her considerable experience and talents to enhance everyone’s enjoyment of life through the sharing of good food. She has also developed a unique partnership with many CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) and Farmer Markets to offer “Farm to Plate” classes. When in a pinch to pair a wine with food, she offers her experience as well as an offer to attend one of the Wine Pairing Dinners that she offers through Kissing Rock Kitchens. She studied at the Culinary Institute of the Arts in Helena, California and has traveled the world, most recently Italy, France and England, to study further the food, traditions and international customs of each country, knowing that this is what seasons the food and makes it unique. Food is a story worth telling and her classes are peppered with cultural, historical and personal stories of places that she has been but always, she reflects her love of using fresh foods grown here in Michigan and in many cases, her own garden. Skills: ▪ Wine and food pairing ▪ Staff hiring, training and development ▪ Farm to Table ▪ Purchasing and inventory management ▪ Menu and recipe development ▪ High volume gourmet catering experience. ▪ Team Building


Michigan, United States