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Stergios Kozakis

Drama, Greece

Executive Chef at Blue Olive Market


Stergios is an internationally acclaimed chef with expertise in traditional Greek cuisine, whose contributions to the culinary arts has been enjoyed by countless diners and clients, and he has been recognized by industry experts in the United States and alroad on numerous occasions. He is an acclaimed member of the culinary elite, who has established an international reputation through his unique conceptualization of cuisine that is both traditional and experimental. Given his demonstrated expertise as an executive chef and expert in traditional Greek cuisine, Stergios has served in critical capacity as leading chef for renowned restaurants. Stergios was the co-owner of Heliostasio Restaurant ("Ηλιοστάσιο") which was located between the scenic mountains of Rodopi and Falakro. Stergios served in a critical capacity as the co-owner and executive chef, responsible for the menu concepts and planning, along with recipe development. His expertise as an executive chef and as a specialist in traditional Greek cuisine is also highlighted by the fact that Stergios was commissioned by governmental agencies including Association of Rural Tourism Unions of Greece, to conduct training and workshops for the networks' members from around the country. Stergios also served in critical capacity as an executive chef and curator for various prominent culinary events and exhibitions. In short, Stergios has achieved distinctions for his extraordinary talent as a chef. He has made significant original constributions to the arts through his extraordinary culinary expertise, and his unique conceptualization of Greek cuisine has earned him widespread praise and recognition from industry experts.


Drama, Greece