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Sandy Krebs

Portland, United States


My name is Chef Sandy Krebs.  I am the winner of the 2009 American Culinary Federation’s Achievement of Excellence Award.  This award is given to properties that show a passion for the culinary arts through their exemplary food and beverage program.  Only nine restaurants worldwide received this award in 2009, and mine was one of them. I am passionate about cooking.  I am a lifelong learner of new techniques that enhance my skills. My mother is Sicilian, and although I've worked with many world class chefs throughout my career, my single greatest culinary influence remains, to this day, my Nana (that’s Italian for Grandmother). When I started my career in California, it was an exciting time in the culinary world. Alice Waters and Jeremiah Towers, among others, were beating the drum of this new (but really very old) concept; if it’s not fresh and it’s not wonderful, it’s not on the menu. There was a strong emphasis on using what was at hand. With the culturally diverse population in California, with large Hispanic, Asian and Middle Eastern populations, what was at hand was a mixture of spices and smells and flavors that set this young chef’s imagination free. I think really, these days, most cooking is Fusion, but in my cooking I personally rely on my roots, remembering the sun dried tomatoes that my Nano grew in his garden and then dried on the roof under cheese cloth, the extra virgin olive oil that was so thick and green you could barely see through it, the pungent flavors of home cured olives, and of course, the ever present aroma of garlic.


Portland, United States