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Salvador Roldan

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Chef at Heirloom LA

Fishermen's Pie before the dough top
House Cured
butter basting
Low and slow cookery
Roasted whole branzino
Confit Suckling pig, brussel, crackling
Mary's chicken wings, sesame, green onion
Roasted Pork Chop, forbidden rice, pear compote, escarole
Seabass, buttered lentil, rocket, sunchoke
Jardiniere pickle
Prix Fixe Menu
Tomato, avocado, red onion, basils
Prix Fixe Menu
Ocean Seafood Grill, tabouleh, roasted farmers vegetable
Salmon, pea puree, dashi, root vegetable, fiddlehead
Ceviche, avocado mousse, cilantro, citrus
Beet, cucumber, avocado, sous vide chicken
Citrus, avocado, cheese, mache
Stuffed Quail, asparagus, root puree
Roasted Mary's Chicken, beans, grapes, farro
Prix Fixe Menu
Branzino, crosnes, parsnip, lemon
Prix Fixe Menu
Prix Fixe Menu
Prix Fixe Menu
Petite Filet with torta and creamed escarole
Zuckerman's Asparagus with 63 d egg
Ham Roasting Preparation
Pumpkin Ravioli
Ribeye over seasonal goodies
The beauty of food, eat it up!
Velvety smooth Sunchoke soup