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Rosario Del Nero

Easton, MD, United States

Vice President of Research and Development at Seviroli Foods


I came to the U.S. from Milan, Italy in 1983 and have enjoyed a multi-faceted career in the culinary arts ever since. From 1983-1987, my wife, Constance, and I owned and operated The Apple Orchard Restaurant–which featured regional Italian specialties and my original recipes–in Ipswich, MA. In 1987, Boston Magazine gave The Apple Orchard its coveted Super Food award. Constance and I have also worked together as a food writing team. In 1988, Harper and Row published our book, Risotto: A Taste of Milan, hailed as a “star,” by the New York Times. We have also written for Food and Wine Magazine. In 1988, I began teaching regional French and Italian cuisines at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, a position I held for two decades. In 1992, I joined Bertucci’s Brick Oven Pizzerias as their Corporate Chef. I remained at Bertucci’s for twelve years, dreaming up dozens of new pizza, pasta, appetizer and entrée recipes. Under my direction, Bertucci’s became one of the first restaurants in the United States to earn the Vera Pizza Napoletana designation from the Italian city of Naples, which takes great pride in its culinary traditions. In 2000, I was promoted to Vice President of Bertucci’s. From 2003-2006, I served as Vice President and Corporate Chef at The Naked Fish, an upscale seafood concept in MA. I have also worked extensively as a food consultant for major food manufacturers such as Nestle, High Liner Foods, and Kettle Cuisine. In March 2006, I joined Joseph’s Gourmet Pasta as Director of Research and Development. When Nestle USA bought Joseph’s soon after, in an effort to expand its Italian food offerings, I became Director of R&D and Culinary Innovation for Buitoni, another Nestle affiliate. I am now pleased to be affiliated with Seviroli Foods, an Italian specialty industry leader focused on quality, tradition, and cutting edge pasta products.


Easton, MD, United States