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Rosalyn Darling

San Diego, CA, United States

Gold Standard Recipe Development at Global Culinary Consulting


Food is not my job. Food is the passion of my life. I wake up and celebrate each day as an opportunity to imagine food in a new, delicious way. I think and breathe food with every minute that I live because there is a special joy in seeing people pause and smile with each bite of food you’ve created for them. Culinary adventures have whisked me away to cook at corporate and leadership meetings all over the Earth, including the NFL Superbowl, Davos World Economic Forum and the Aspen Ideas Festival. I also feed my culinary mojo with experiments in my own kitchen and collaboration with local food & beverage aficionados and businesses. ~~~ My professional portfolio - www.rosalynsdarling.com ~~~ My food blog - www.adeliciousadventure.com ~~~


San Diego, CA, United States