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Rosa Barron

Richmond, TX, United States

Owner and Chief Recipe Makeover Officer at Rosa Barron - The Fit Foodie


I am a school-of-hard-knocks chef. You name it, I've goofed it. But I've also done it over and over until I got it right. Deflated soufflés-turned-masterpieces? Check. Green eggs to beautiful fluffy goodness? Check. Hard, dry, overcooked poultry to moist, delicious, tender, perfect meats? You got it! What's more, I'm the Fit Foodie. What's that? I can make ANY recipe healthy AND delicious by just changing a few things. Try me. After all, I'm not afraid to mess up ;) I watched my grandma cook every sort of dish as child, and became determined to be the same all-purpose kind of cook that she was. If you talk to me, you'll talk to a down-to-earth home cook who can function in any kitchen, no problem. I don't need fancy equipment to make great meals.


Richmond, TX, United States