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Robert Crawford

New York City, United States of America

Owner at Noel's Kitchen Inc


Trained in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for almost 7 years. Born and raised in East Harlem, NY. Graduated from Monroe College in the Bronx. I went from Overnight Food & Beverage Manager at the Plaza Hotel to Various Restaurant Management positions until I found a Love that I always had in Baton Rouge. I love to cook. I love to create exciting foods with great flavor. Now, I run my own Catering Company in Brooklyn, NY and I have successfully been in business for 4 years and counting. I am always open to helping others elevate their culinary skills. At Noel's Kitchen Inc., I provide catering services (Large & Small) Personal Chef Services, Weekly Culinary Tutorials, and simple food deliveries to the Tri-State Area.


New York City, United States of America