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Richard Mancini

Chicago & Burbs, United States

Chef/Owner at Chefs Most Wanted catering


With impeccable taste and a flare for excellent service, Chef Rich Mancini is quite at home in the kitchen.He has been chef to a host stars including the Rolling Stones, U2, INXS, the crew of Airforce 1, the movie crews for Chain Reaction, My Best Friend’s Wedding and more. Chef Rich has appeared on prestigious cooking shows as well… Chef Wanted where he won the title of Season 1 Winner and most recently Hell’s Kitchen 2013. After an 11-year stint as an acclaimed restaurant owner, Chef Rich is getting back to what fills his heart… catering to people directly. Whether its an in-home gathering, catering or a corporate party, the service is sure to satisfy with Chef Rich in the kitchen.


Chicago & Burbs, United States