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Reyes Hernandez

white plains new york, United States

executive chef at red hat in the river


love working in a challenging yet satisfying kitchen at work or at home cooking for my family cooking is about making the best out of a salad of romaine hearths and bibb lettuce julienne red onion shave parmesan cheese or what ever you like a little lemon juice or vinegar of your choice fresh chop fine herbs and make guest fall in love with the crispyness of the lettuces tossed gently in the freshly made vinaigrette enjoy listening to feedback from guest constructive or not.... right or wrong.... they will always be right always welcome to new ideas points of view adding taking off.... what ever it takes to make a dish take your soul your mind back home a country a special occasion you mom that's why i cook to bring all those memories and create new ones


white plains new york, United States