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Rebecca Johnson

Vancouver , Canada

owner/Chef at Chef Incognito Catering


I have been in the business for over 20 years. I have cooked in fine dining restaurants in Vancouver and Toronto. Such as Le Crocodile, Villa de Lupo, Five Sails, Truffles, Aburge du Pommier, Sage. I have worked in five star hotels such as the Four Seasons hotel and Metropolitan hotel in Toronto. The Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver. I have worked as an executive chef for 10 years now my own company, Chef Incognito Catering; for the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver, and Sage at UBC. I have competed in a range of culinary competitions. I am familiar with gastronomic techniques. I am an expert on small plated meals and large banquets up to 1000 people. I have a passion for local seasonal food. I live, breath, feel, smell, taste and listen to food... Mmm food!!!


Vancouver , Canada