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Randolph Brown

Raleigh, NC, USA

Pitt Master Chef at McCall's BBQ & Seafood Family Restaurant


I am from a town called Ventura California, and Ventura set on the Southern/Central California coast. Between LA and Santa Barbara county Ventura resides. "The little city by the sea" is heavily Latin influenced Mexican to be exact. Coming out of a large family of 12 there was a lot of competition within our own kitchen, and there was not a meal we didn't tried at least once. My father was Veteran of the Korean war, he really enjoyed fishing and hunting was a fantastic cook. My mother was a homemaker assume at preparing meals as well. You will find a fusion of cuisines coming from the town of Ventura, from Mexican, Asian, Creole/Cajun , Italian, American/American BBQ, etc...


Raleigh, NC, USA