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Ramandeep Anand

Miami Beach, FL, United States

exe sous chef at hilton hotel


Achievements Awarded Young chef achievers award from MINISTRY OF TOURISM, 2012. Also write food blogs under www.ramandeepanand.blogspot.com 1st Indian to get his name in world chefs association magazine with blogs , in the Issue 5 magazine- wacs. Done various food demonstration. Leading the Delegation of chef from India to FHA Singapore. Young chef president for Indian culinary forum. . Done charity events which were recognized BY WACS. JUDGED  Nestle and MAGGI Young chef talent at MANAV RACHNA UNIVERSITY. Awarded the Letter of Appreciation from the president of WORLD ASSOCIATION  OF CHEF SOCIETY. Awarded the Letter of Appreciation  from the VICE PRESIDENT OF WACS ( World  Association of chef society). Awarded the Letter of Judging MASTER CHEF INDIA AUDITION ROUND . Awarded the letter of Appreciation for attending the Molecular gastronomy lecture by master  chef  Dani Lopez. Awarded the Letter of Appreciation by Indian Culinary Forum, for Participating in The 9th International Chef Awards. AWARDED letter of appreciation from world chef association for featured in world chef magazine. Judged curry competition supported by YMCA London.


Miami Beach, FL, United States