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Rajiv Jaggi

Washington DC, United States


I have been cooking for 25 years. Trained at Culinary Institute of America; worked in chain restaurants, fine dining restaurants, airline catering and large banquet facilities. Current working for a large contract food service company. I develop offers and concepts based on current trends to be deployed in corporate dining, campus, hospitals, government building etc. I focus on healthy, local and ethnic food. My focus is on local, sustainable, fresh, simple and pure. The food has to look good, smell great, full of flavor and still meet the guidelines of wellness. My extensive knowledge of international food and ability to utilize the spices and ingredients from around the world and present in a manner which is on trend. I use simple technique which impart maximum flavor to the food. My focus is that Super foods as ingredients are used effectively in the recipes I develop. I am currently involved in health benefits of various ingredients used within the recipes. Looking forward to sharing my knowledge


Washington DC, United States