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Rafael Velasquez

South Florida, United States

Culinary Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu


Chef Rafael is the owner and operator of Strategik Eyedea Group which is a culinary operations and marketing management consulting firm. He also serves as a Culinary Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu located in Miramar, Florida. His offered services range from menu development, nutritional breakdown and value, staff hiring placement and training, nutrition and culinary operations educational speaking events, product development, sales and marketing, and overall operations management focusing on efficiency and effectiveness of service. Chef Rafael has traveled and worked in cities such as Barcelona, Dominican Republic, and various countries in South America, and southeastern Asia. His travels to remote cities in the world such as the Amazon has allowed him to learn the different cultures and eating habits that result in longevity of life while eating natural and wholesome foods. Such findings have led him to develop recipes that help revitalize, nurture and sustain the body leading to a healthier lifestyle. His passion is a combination of creativity and commitment to using local, sustainable and natural ingredients with a focus on clean and nutritional values which sustains the inner healing process of the body. He has a profound understanding of the science of nutrition and stays current with new research findings, while constantly developing new recipes.


South Florida, United States