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Quincy Randolph

Louisville, KY, United States

Intern at Blackbird


Hello, I am Quincy Randolph, I'm 18 years old, and i'm a chef based out of Louisville, KY. I'm finishing up culinary school in the next few months. I've competed in multiple culinary competitions at both the student and professional chef levels. I love sharing my experiences about school and the industry, and know that I still have much to learn in the culinary world. I'm here to share my knowledge and learn in the process. I'm also in the process of writing a culinary book that will be a modern and detailed narrative detailing what its like to be young in today's industry, with tips on how to survive culinary school. Follow me on twitter and instagram: https://twitter.com/ChefThunder https://instagram.com/acechef_randolph/


Louisville, KY, United States