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Philip Sire Romano

Orlando,FL, USA


As one of the most respected Chef’s in the Daytona Beach and Orlando Area, with my inspirations I bring a following in addition to extensive training and a broad knowledge of cuisine, delivered with passion, leadership, organization, speed, and quality in a clean, professional kitchen. More than 15 years of professional cooking and kitchen management experience. Exemplify leadership qualities and professionalism, backed by a consistent, verifiable record of achievement. Pro Chef Cooking is a journey to be savored. It’s about exploring the possibilities to be found on the way to delicious. Some days we become so focused on the end goal that we miss opportunities along the way. Learning to balance the need for experimentation and the need to achieve goals is a skill that needs constant refinement. We all want an easy explanation when the reality is that truly great food often resists an easy definition. Inspirations are drawn from all the experiences in a chef's life and from the experiences of any cook working alongside them. It's impossible to draw distinct lines around any cuisine and yet we are often compelled to try. Television appearances: •Daily buzz Chef host for BBQ Summer Nights •WB18 Interview best burger "My way Orlando" •New13 "Chef’s Kitchen" • CelebrityChef4u.com Voted #1 Burger 2 years straight (my city) Voted #1 Burger news channel 2 Voted #1 in Orlando


Orlando,FL, USA