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Pete Zinnante

Woodville ,Texas, usa


what to say hmmmm. well i am not a writer so ill just say that i have been cooking since 1972 wow how the years have flown bye lol. i owned a deli in Houston with my family for 30 years .while in the deli sandwiches weren't enough for me so i started cooking more ,i made pasta dishes one of my pasta dishes i entered into a chefs challenge at the doctors club in Houston it felt kinda weird since i was competing against 16 culinary chefs and here i was a self taught cook lol .well turned out luck was on my side i took 3rd place with my heart healthy dish what was even better was all the other chefs were congratulating me even the ones that took 1st and 2nd wow i gues i can cook i thought . in 2003 i won reserve grand champion at the hlsr bbq cook-off and since have placed several times in the top 100 out of over 300 teams also in 2003 i moved from my home town to east Texas and opened a restaurant in place of the deli making it easier to cook more hot dishes and get more creative .its been a challenge getting small town mentality to accept real food lol. they are use to fast food and everything fried but they are finally coming around to my vast menu we serve anything from their local favorites to Cajun ,Italian, BBQ and a never ending new specials menu. just google Z's Fillin Station in Woodville Texas , oh and yes i am not a goon or maybe i am


Woodville ,Texas, usa