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Paul Edward Montador

Urbana, Illinois, United States

Chef/Owner at The Scotsman's KItchen


Classically French trained In Scotland's Top French Restaurant for 9 years 4 Years on Film Locations all over Europe, Asia and North Africa Favorite Cooking is Kitchen Cupboard Creation, by that we create out of what you have in the Fridge and Cupboards. French Cuisine, that is what I was trained for Scottish Cooking, my First love, my own culture Baking, I learnt from my Grandmother And That is now my Company "The Scotsman's Kitchen" I have done competitions at college where you get a box of items and you have to create a menu from it, that is how I generally look at Kitchen Cupboard Creations. The spaces in my work history are when I did other employment not Catering related, like being a DJ and Barman in a Rock Club or Driving Buses, nothing relevant to what we are doing here.


Urbana, Illinois, United States