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Pati D'Eliseo

Newport, OR, United States


I trained in New York City & Parma, Italy and I own a personal chef service on the central Oregon Coast where there are fantastic local ingredients to choose from such as salmon, albacore tuna, Dungeness crab, wild mushrooms, and local farms selling meat, dairy, cheeses and a variety of vegetables. I love using fresh, whole foods in my dishes. My interests in cuisines are varied, but my favorite style of cooking is Mediterranean. I specialize in authentic Italian cuisine and seafood cookery. I shop the local farmers’ markets for as long as they run, buys as much food from local producers as I can, and support the buy local, organic, sustainable, and Slow Food movements. I believe that knowing where our food come from, cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients, and eating together at the table are all part of healthy living.


Newport, OR, United States