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Norma Solberg

food4thought, Boston, MA

Chef/Owner at food4thought personal chef services


I am a personal chef with 10 years of experience cooking for families and individuals according to their preferences and lifestyle and I also have large scale catering experience. I am knowledgable about portions, techniques, cooking for a crowd, food for special diets and allergies, ingredient substitutions, food safety and kitchen practices, The end of day phone calls from people at the market or just setting up to prepare dinner are commonplace for me. I know baking technique and formulas and I am comfortable with all cuisines, although my bottom line preference is to use whole foods, no preservatives or additives, freshest ingredients that is responsibly grown and marketed. Healthy eating is important to me and it is important to impart the skills and know-how so anyone can eat healthfully regardless of cuisine or budget.


food4thought, Boston, MA