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Nina Gerzon

Denver, CO., United States

Personal Chef at Four Seeds


Nina Gerzon is an intuitive cook, holistic nutritionist, and wellness educator, expert in cooking for optimal health and empowering others in their healing process! Four Seeds grew out of a passion for cultivating whole health by nourishing the body, mind, and soul, as a whole. I am passionate about making meals, snacks, and condiments myself instead of buying store-bought. I source locally with a focus on seasonal produce, and buy organic, grass-fed, and non-hybridized food. For me, cooking is an art and my muse is health, well-being and of course deliciousness. I am expert in preparing raw, gluten-free, Paleo, vegetarian, vegan, meat/fish and fermented cuisine. I cook whole foods, so I rarely use anything that's been processed. I specialize in cooking to support the immune system, rebuild the gut, and reduce inflammation, which always supports clients in natural weight management. I love to get creative in the kitchen and create new recipes! I equally love sharing my food creations and educating others in healthy eating!


Denver, CO., United States