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Nicole Re

Asheville and NY, United States

Owner at Bohemian Hamptons Catering LLC


What started as a passion led to a career. I am a self taught chef from the East End of Long Island, NY. I achieved my education through working in kitchens for free or working as a line cook for very well established chefs. I was fortunate enough to learn from the likes of celebrity chefs as well. I knew this was my calling when my passion for wellness was blended with the notion that we are what we eat and food is truly nutrition. I have a huge emphasis on specialty diets. (I hate the word diet but I should say health conscious cuisine). I help my clients learn to prepare and choose food that is right for them or their families. With so many amazing talented teachers I have had the pleasure of learning from my style and options for healthy, farm to table cuisine are countless and I am currently working on a cook book.:) I was told by a very wise chef once that if you can read you can cook, the two most important ingredients are patience and love.


Asheville and NY, United States