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Nicolas Ganea

Seattle, WA, United States

Lead cook at Bon appétit


I run a website called http://informationalcuisine.com I am working on a module site in the backend and produce recipes on Tuesdays Thursday's and Saturdays to keep people engaged while I work on that. If you want a recipe feel free to ask I am a strong believer you have to be humble and always willing to learn. I have found that most chefs I have worked for tend to not know there cooking methods and are stuck to one way And the highway. In result I tend to test chefs with there sense of pallet to see if I can trick them because they act cocky and that's not a good sign. When I train my co workers I pay attention to what your needs are and I will ask you the same thing Are you? A book reader Visual learner Hands on Someone that is watching over your shoulder to correct your mistakes as you go Like I said most chefs stick to one way of doing a technique I always keep trying to learn something new to help people and fellow co workers


Seattle, WA, United States