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Newell Sandoval

Salt Lake City, United States

Kitchen manager & Sous Chef at Snowbird Ski


I'm not your average chef you might know. I have been classically trained but have also been trained at the most remote resorts in North America. Being in the remote areas where food items are not abundant supply, one must learn to make delicious entrees with what is on hand. Growing up in Northern New Mexico, I cooked with local flavors of corn, chili and different types of meats and venison. Not want to keep to just these flavors and colors I left to go on my own culinary journey. While at culinary school I found that resorts are the best teachers to learn from. Since they employ chefs from all over the world. Knowlege that was worldwide and tested. Here with this new knowledge of nineteen years I work and cater with flair of the southwest, Pacific and Asian flavor.


Salt Lake City, United States