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Nathan McClure

Portland, Oregon

Owner/Chef at Culinary Confidence


Culinary Confidence got its inception not long after I arrived in Portland, Oregon in the summer of 2013. I originally moved to Portland for a corporate executive chef position with a large contract food service company. Not long after being in this position, I came to the realization that this was ultimately not my dream position and a change was due. I quickly learned that the Portland demographic had a very “do-it-yourself” style. Many Portlanders consider themselves “foodies” and take great pride in cooking, dining, and broadening their culinary horizons. In an effort to nurture this dynamic with Portlanders, I wanted to be able to offer a more accessible means for people to learn how to plan, prepare, and execute any type of culinary venture that may be desired. With my formal French culinary education background and many years as a professional restaurant and catering chef, I wanted to be able to bring this knowledge and training to home cooks looking to improve on their culinary skills and learn how the pros do it! My goal is to impart knowledge, skills, and …above all… confidence to clients so that they may continue to further their own culinary experiences and take on new challenges. Whether it be to master a new recipe, or to cater your own holiday party for 50 party guests, Culinary Confidence can be there to make sure you have what it takes to reach your goal. So much can be accomplished in anyone’s home kitchen. Sometimes it just takes a little experienced eye to help see it!


Portland, Oregon