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Natasha Treu'

Houston, TX


I have a background in Fine Dining with classical training. I have travelled and studied on 5 of the 7 continents! And for over 9 years I have had a passion for teaching cuisine, whether to newly married ladies, couples, a group of girlfriends just for fun, or serious students and interns. Ask me anything, I'm happy to help anywhere I can! In addition I have studied Wine, Scotch, Beer and Whisky quite extensively and am extremely passionate about them all. After cooking for VIPs, CEOs and Athletes I got diagnosed with food allergies. This is sheer heartbreak for any Chef. I searched everywhere for foods I could eat and enojoy... but rejection lay at every turn. Finally I opened Clean Sweets. It's Gluten Free, Soy Free, Organic, NONGMO bakery with all natural ingredients. Now I take delight in creating Clean versions of all your favorite recipes! And of course Im always happy to help you pull of your not-so-healthy but Happy Making dishes and help save dinner parties as well!! Ask me questions about pretty much anything and Im happy to help!


Houston, TX