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Fairfax, VA, United States of America


First generation Indian, born in the USA. When I was young I was always in the kitchen bothering my mother and grandmother. I swear I was helping them by stirring, heat control, adding extra random spices but I guess they didn't see it that way. Slowly as the DC Metropolitan area became more and more diverse, my family began eating out and our first go to restaurant was Chinese! Ok, so it might have been Pizza Hut but that may have been my fault because I was bit of a rowdy kid. We started trying other cuisines primarily because I started making friends with different ethnicity's (Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Mexican, and even those kids that called themselves "American" and had no idea that they were really from German, Italian, and French backgrounds). As I got older, I couldn't stand having Indian food day in and day out. I needed variety! So, I began requesting my mom and grandmother to make something new. They refused. They had no idea how to make other cuisines besides the only one they grew up learning from their mothers and grandmothers. So what I did next upset my mom very much; I started cooking my own food. My grandmother didn't care, she was fine with it and actually helped me track down all those ingredients and equipment that I needed. I'm a Chef that's continually learning, exploring, and experimenting. I'm on this website so that I can share my experiences and hopefully help in the same way my grandmother did for me.


Fairfax, VA, United States of America