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Mohandass Kannapiran

Chennai, India


• An enthusiastic, motivated and highly competent Chef with 09 years of extensive experience and a broad range of expertise in food preparation and presentation techniques gained via exemplary loyal service and rapid progression and promotion at leading restaurants • Results-driven professional with solid expertise in the areas of Hotel Operations, Hospitality, Cooking and Kitchen Management • Well versed with FIFO, HACCP and USPH Standards • Highly skilled in creating eye appealing menus, maintaining high levels of sanitation and cleanliness, and resolving various issues in a timely manner • Good at maintaining quality standards at all times to achieve high guest satisfaction • Proven ability to effectively handle multi-task levels of responsibility with minimal direction from superiors while supervising personnel, providing team leadership, motivation and development • Demonstrates knowledge and experience in a diverse range of cuisines • Solid organizational, communication and team building skills • Conversant with MS Office and Internet Technologies • Involved in menu planning, kitchen setup, and inventory management • Comply with and implement all health, safety and food hygiene requirements • Select menus with an eye towards quality, variety, availability of seasonal foods and number of consumers • Prepare new and different cuisines with style • Prepare and present food to a high standard and quality with attention to dietary meals • Ensure that proper quality control systems are adopted for all aspects of the meal preparation management • Estimate food needs and review inventory to assure that adequate supplies are available • Create appealing new recipes and fine-tune existing menu items for business excellence • Maintain the standards of food products and dishes portion size, quality, garnishes, and cooking methods • Supervise and cooked on the line a wide variety of specialties for breakfast, lunch, and dinner • Monitor new employees to ensure that the health and safety standards are maintained • Develop test recipes and techniques for food preparation / presentation • Create unique menu items and plate presentations as well as standardize innovative production recipes to maintain consistent cuisine and guest satisfaction


Chennai, India