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Minal Sharma

Delhi, India

Owner at Minal


I am Minal , a simple Indian housewife totally dedicated towards my family , my world is my two lovely daughters and and my loving husband . Food is my passion , my love. I cook for my family , my friends and for all those who love me and my cooking . They are the inspiration behind my blog exotica/ minal's spice world . Having been brought up in India my cooking is again influenced with Indian spices and goodness of Indian flavors, I keep trying other cuisines of world and try to Develop something new with fusion of Indian spices and believe me this always produces wonderful results . I feel cooking is an art and excellence comes with passion and I feel nobody is perfect in this world so I always keep trying till I succeed . My grandma use to tell me that taste in food comes only if you cook things from your heart with love and passion so I only try to follow her and believe me results are always amazing ...you can ask my family and friends . So my dear friends.....take a pledge to cook everything with love and passion through your heart .


Delhi, India