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Melissa Hope Coombs

Minneapolis, United States

Sous Chef at Minnesota Valley Country Club


Hi all, I come from a long line of cooks. My great-grandma, her daughter and my mother are all exceptional cooks. I grew up in a world of fantastic flavors and happy kitchens. I knew I had to cook for a living, so I went to Le Cordon Bleu to learn from the best. I learned many many french cooking techniques which many cultures use all over the world. The French are also known for their sauces and I learned them all and still use them today. After graduating, I worked at Sontes, a spanish tapas and wine bar. I learned every station and eventually ran the kitchen when my chef wasn't. We had over 30 artisan cheeses on the menu, so I have a love for great cheese! We worked with many allergies at Sontes, being so close to mayo clinic hospital, so I have a talent at working around lots of allergies and diets to still deliver amazing tasting food. I also have a love of pastry and baking!!!! I make all the desserts for Minnesota Valley Country Club and I bake at home. Being a sous chef means filling in at a moments notice where it is needed in the kitchen, so I still cook on the line. At the same time, we create menus and dishes for the restaurant and banquet side of our club. I have lots of hours logged in menu development so I know how to create a wonderfully balanced dish. But all my experience in fine dinning doesn't mean I don't love comfort food. I can make a home cooked meal with the best of them. I pride myself on choosing the healthiest of ingredients for cooking, which means I choose organic and fresh local food for my cooking. Supporting our local farmers and community is the only way to ensure fresh food. I can't wait to help you with creating your own nutritious and delicious meals, so lets start cooking!!!


Minneapolis, United States