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Max Goldberg

Oakland, United States

Executive Chef at Offbeat Motif


Trained in Classical French cuisine but living in California with all our beautiful products from vegetables to artisanal items has created a desire to find the best technique and/or most interesting flavor. Enjoy sharing my knowledge and hopefully we can even expand it further by trying new things if you're feeling adventurous. Happy to explain the basics but we will both have more fun if you want to cook on the edge. Safe can be good, but will rarely be fantastic. Let me show you how to get your food fantastic. Highlighting twists on classics and parings that make sense flavor wise across the world spectrum. Can plan menu from shopping to prep & cooking, or if you're interested in putting something together on the fly from what ever is in your fridge I'm your guy. Willing to work with any special diets or allergy restrictions. Lets get cooking!


Oakland, United States