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Makisha White

Nashville, United States

Owner/ Head Chef at FairyLand Cakes and Catering


I have been cooking phenomenal food for years, but it was just for my family, friends, and coworkers. My father had been telling me for years to get my degree and BE MORE than I have ever been before, who knew less than 2 years later he would die. This traumatic experience helped me to put things in prospective. I not only owe it to GOD,and HIM (my father) but to myself and my family to BE MORE and do more and share more. I am currently working toward my Bachelor's Degree at The International Culinary Schools of America at The Art Institute (2 years in). I currently own FairyLand Cakes and Catering where our motto is "You Dream It, We Make It". My dream is that I can share not only my food, but a passion for cooking with others and bring Glory to GOD.


Nashville, United States