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Kyrena Robinson

Pennsylvania, United States

Nutrition Strategist - Chef at Authentic Nutrition


Born with multiple food allergies Kyrena has followed a plant-based diet for over 30 years. Growing up in the global multicultural Navy family Kyrena’s passion for cooking, nutrition and health began as a child where meals and parties revolved around cooking and nurturing relationships through food. Inspired by the simple joy food can bring, Kyrena spent over 2 decades in the catering and food service industry which served to deepen her love of gourmet food. Kyrena’s approach to health is based in the belief that, if given the opportunity, the body has a wonderful ability to heal itself. Through the years she has seen food trends come and go and has found that many people are searching for real,authentic information and solutions that will have a lasting impact on their health. As a chef, culinary instructor and speaker her classes include cooking instruction, nutritional advice, skills and philosophies of sustainability. She discusses food addiction and addresses emotional eating. Her call to action energizes and inspires her followers. Kyrena counsels an elite group of clients throughout the world from her East Coast private practice including athletes, executives, adults, and children with various nutritional and/or medical concerns. Kyrena provides health-related programs to diverse individuals, groups and organizations spanning academia, corporate wellness, community nutrition, restaurant consulting. Professional Bio Kyrena L. Robinson Holds a PhD in Holistic Sports Nutrition Is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition by the NANP – National Association of Nutrition Professionals Graduated from the eCornell University T. Colin Campbell Foundation Plant Based Nutrition Program Is a member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition Practices as a Nationally Certified ServSafe Instructor and Exam Proctor Maintains credentials of Professional Project Manager Earned her way thru the kitchen ranks to Executive Chef


Pennsylvania, United States